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Cosmetic Reconstructive Implant Dentistry

Baltimore Comprehensive Dental Care

Dr. Edward Leventhal has been practicing comprehensive dentistry for over 30 years. Our practice locations in Perry Hall, Pikesville and Glen Burnie are staffed with a full complement of dentistry professionals that enable our patients to receive specialist care without being referred out to other doctors.

Baltimore Cosmetic and Reconstructive Smile Makeovers

Each of our doctors maintains a special focus within different areas of dental care.... from general to orthodontic to full mouth makeovers, reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Our general restorative dentists remain abreast of the newest and most advanced restorative procedures and components that enable our patients to define nearly any degree of cosmetic smile and functional makeover result desired for their treatment outcomes.

The Orthodontic staff specialize in the teeth and jaw alignment needs of our patients that includes youngsters with early needs, young adults and mature adults that may have acquired unique orthodontic needs accruing to unusual circumstances or an interest in cosmetic orthodontics.

The collective interest of our entire professional staff has been and continues to be dental treatment that emphasizes dental function (bite and healthy occlusion) that is normalized for each and every patient with a creative eye on the cosmetic possibilities and outcomes that are associated with nearly every treatment our office provides.

Maintaining the Basics: No Surprises Dentistry

Patients typically want to have normal teeth in terms of how they function and of course, how they appear, cosmetically. The issues of Function and Cosmetics vary, however, in importance for each and every patient.

Given the horror stories that abound in cosmetic and functional dental makeover treatments, our patients are assured that while they may be more focused on a particular cosmetic outcome, our doctors maintain a watchful eye on the functional outcome of any given treatment.

Patients who have a keen interest primarily in having teeth that "work right" (no jaw pain, no sensitivity issues, comfortable bridges and dentures, no clenching, etc.) our doctors nonetheless select the restorative and reconstructive dental components that provide the best aesthetic qualities possible.

Extra attention to detail is always provided... especially where it is lacking. Unlike the common stories we all hear regarding a treatment outcome that wasn't expected.... our office strongly believes in and promotes the delivery of "No Surprises Dentistry."

Baltimore Multiple Choice Dentistry

As a general rule, Dr. Leventhal and his associates routinely develop multiple treatment plan choices for our patients. Our treatment plans are easily customized on a patient by patient basis and typically based on budget considerations and the outcome choices (functional and cosmetic) of a patient.

This analytical approach of diagnosing and assessing a dental need and then matching the possibilities with the dental technologies we have access to nearly guarantees a choice of affordable treatments for nearly anyone. If needed, financial resources are implemented when needed.

Results Oriented Dentistry: Patient Defined

Dr. Leventhal firmly believes while there may be many many methods of treating any particular dental need..... there are only a select few that make the most sense.

Our patients are provided with the objective information they need to know regarding certain procedures, certain brands of dental products and technologies and the long term endurance values of those services and products.. as it pertains to their particular need.

Our website contains the critical information people need for learning more about a variety of dental conditions and needs and the popular treatments that produce the most desireable functional and cosmetic results.

For specific treatment information that is not discussed in detail on this site, a Consultation appointment can be arranged by calling us at (410) 256-7300 or by using our on-line Consultation Request form.

Specific or more technical questions can be sent directly to Dr. Leventhal via our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Leventhal will reply to you directly with the information you are seeking.

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