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Cosmetic Reconstructive Implant Dentistry

Baltimore Bone Grafting

Many patients with significant histories of wearing poor or loose fitting dentures, having excessive extractions that have caused supereruption of opposing tooth structures, poorly controlled periodontitis or gross distortions in bite and occlusion frequently have bone loss issues.

Bone quality can be adversely affected in both the Maxilla and Mandible (upper and lower jaws) which may limit treatment opportunities and outcomes desired by patients who seek reconstructive services.

Matching Technology with Patient Defined Dental Function Goal

Dr. Leventhal and our staff doctors are careful to select the best match of reconstructive procedures and products that have the highest predictability of success for rehabilitative dentistry.

Bone grafts are most popularly used in routine dental implant surgery to either correct immediate bone quality issues or to augment and accelerate successful osseointegration of implants.

Maxillary implants (upper jaw) that have the potential of causing sinus issues due to poor bone density or height are frequently accompanied by a sinus lift procedure that incorporates the use of grafting material that establishes the needed density for a given implant size.

Although there are 3 common bone graft materials used by reconstructive implant dentists, Dr. Leventhal is very selective in choosing the best implant material. Autogenous grafts are created by the patient providing bone that is removed from one area and transplated to another.

Chin Block grafts is one example of this choice of grafting procedure. Dense bone material from the chin area (characteristically dense and healthy) can be used to create the needed foundation for implant needs for either the upper or lower jaw... or both ... with a high degree of predictability.

Allografts, which can be comprised of synthetic bone material or real bone obtained from a bone bank (cadaver bone). In a pulverized state, it is often used to augment boney areas that form the floor of the sinus cavity. Dr. Leventhal can inject the material into needed areas with a minimum of surgery.

Xenografts are a third choice, consisting of graft material derived from cow bone.

Grafting Choices: Traditional Implants versus Specialized Implants

Many of the internationally known implant manufacturers have implant hybrids or specialized implant devices that can be used in special circumstances where ideal bone mass is not available.

In our practice, Dr. Leventhal and our staff doctors focus more on the use of proven implant device technologies that require the healthiest amount of bone. Long term endurance of standard implants is thereby assured for each and every patient.

Our Implant site preparation services favor intelligent choices of materials and implant products that achieve the highest degree of osseointegration possible for maxillary or mandibular applications and for considerations of biting (physical forces) characteristics of posterior (rear or back) and anterior (front) tooth structures.

Grafting Failures

As with crown failures, poor veneer success and failed implants, grafting procedures that have not been successful tends to be a failure of technique.... rather than product failure.

For specific bone grafting interests that is not discussed in detail on this site, a Consultation appointment can be arranged by calling us at (410) 256-7300 or by using our on-line Consultation Request form.

Specific or more technical questions can be sent directly to Dr. Leventhal via our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Leventhal will reply to you directly with the information you are seeking.

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