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Baltimore Dental Implants: Informed Choices

Traditional - Mini - Immediate Load

Implant Dentists Office in Baltimore Implant Dentistry has become known as the treatment of choice for creating tooth replacements that can provide the function and esthetics of what Mother Nature provides. For some patients, today's choices in current implant technologies provide dental function that exceeds what nature originally provided.

In our offices, Dr. Leventhal uses a variety of proven implant technologies for replacing individual teeth, replacing several teeth, creating implant anchors for premium bridges and the now popular use of mini implants or standard implants for anchoring dentures and advanced prosthodontics.

Implants - Unsurpassed Endurance and Function

While it is well known that implants certainly have a creative element for recreating smiles or dental function.... the technical aspects of implants are often overlooked. Put another way... the application of certain implant procedures combined with the "correct" implant materials is what determines how successful the treatment will be.. and how long it endures.

The goal for Dr. Leventhal is and has been to always provide the most sensible implant solution available for a particular treatment need. Dental function and cosmetic outcome are typically the primary goals of any patient seeking implant procedures.

Our patients have the added benefit of Dr. Leventhal's insistence on selecting technologies and implant surgery that provides the "best" long term endurance outcomes related to the healthy osseointegration of the implant device into the patients jawbone.

Immediate Load Implants: A Popular Treatment Choice

Nobel Biocare, an implant manufacturer, established itself as a leader in developing the concept of the immediate load implant. This technology is a popular choice for patients who seek implant treatment that can be completed and become functional within the same day.

Patients who are able to meet the strict criteria for being a candidate for one day implants, nonetheless lose the opportunity for achieving the best and most healthful integration that can only be achieved through a 3 - 6 month osseointegration phase.

As an alternative (or adjunctive) implant treatment for patients seeking to avoid being partially edentulous, Dr. Leventhal has developed a hybrid treatment that incorporates minimally invasive mini implants (Imtec, Sterngold) that are placed alongside traditional implants that ensure long term endurance and function.

Our implant patients are thereby assured of having the best opportunities for full osseointegration while having a choice of immediate temporary restorative materials that create the immediate cosmetic result desired.

Before and After Implant Photos in Bayside NY

Implant Dentistry - One Size Does Not Fit All

When considering dental implants, it is important to know the different types of implant materials used for anterior (front) tooth replacement, implants for anchoring dentures, fixed bridges or overdentures, and implant devices for treating posterior (back) teeth and molars.

It should be understood there is no "one size fits all" concept in the use of implant devices.

Before and After Implant Photos in Bayside NY This critical matching process of technology and application is closely monitored by Dr. Leventhal to assure implant patients maximum benefit of cosmetic result .... bust most importantly... long term endurance. Reported failures of implants are usually attributed to poor matching.

Providing choices and the information needed for making an informed decision about implant surgery choices is a primary goal of Dr. Leventhal... for every single patient. Our office assures patients a variety of treatment choices based on their individual needs and the degree of cosmetic and functional result desired.

More Implant Questions?

Contact us at (410) 256-7300 to arrange an evaluation to learn more about our implant services. Obtain the information needed for making an informed treatment decision.

Persons with specific questions about implant technologies and products can contact Dr. Leventhal directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Leventhal will respond to your questions personally.

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