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Baltimore Cosmetic and Functional Orthodontics

No Extraction Orthodontic Philosophy

Baltimore Orthodontist Our goal is to align all our patient's permanent teeth. In cases of crowding, we are able to expand the jaws to allow room for all the patient's teeth (except wisdom teeth).

Correct alignment is pictured above with tips of upper posterior teeth exactly between adjacent lower teeth. Top front teeth extend two millimeters over front lower teeth.

Benefits from Extractions are Questionable

In children and young adults with a full complement of teeth, we are firmly against extracting any permanent teeth including bicuspids, second molars or lower front teeth, to create room.

No Tooth Extractions Ortho Treatment Results we have witnessed from orthodontists who insisted on extracting teeth were not faster nor as well placed as the above examples. Every time the above patient chews. His teeth are locked into correct position.

Starting Braces too Early

In most cases, we see no benefit for the patient to begin orthodontic treatment until all baby teeth are lost.

An early start does not lessen time in treatment as advocates of this method promise. Eruption time is not sped up with braces.

The extra time spent in braces waiting for eruption of teeth causes unnecessary fatigue for the patient, longer time in braces and increased risk of decalcification (white spots) on the teeth.

Cosmetic vs Functional - Corrective Orthodontic Treatment

If very badly aligned teeth are causing social problems at school for a young child who has not lost all baby teeth, we place braces on for one year only to correct the cosmetic problem.

Braces then come off until all baby teeth have been lost. If parent and child agree more correction is necessary, braces are again placed on the teeth to finish the correction. With this two phase treatment, the child's time in braces is usually only a month or two longer than the standard two years.

For specific treatment information regarding our non extraction policies a Consultation appointment can be arranged by calling us at (410) 256-7300 or by using our on-line Consultation Request form.

Specific or more technical questions can be sent directly to Dr. Leventhal via our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Leventhal will reply to you directly with the information you are seeking.

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