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Baltimore Porcelain Veneer Dentistry

Enamel Replacement Rehabilitative Tooth Resurfacing

Dental bonding and feldspathic veneer lamination have practically become America's standard for achieving near instantaneous cosmetic outcomes that can defy the imagination and even surpass the handiwork of Mother Nature herself.

Although the popular ABC Television program Extreme Makeovers have made porcelain veneers nearly a household word... it is the creative use of this popular technology by individual dentists that determines how effective the procedure is for different types of dental conditions.

Different Veneer Brands - Different Cosmetic Characteristics

Tetracycline Severe Teeth Stains Best Veneer Application As with Dental Implants, patients should be aware that there are numerous veneer technologies and laminate materials that skilled dentists can use to create orthodontic corrections (instant orthodontics) attractive cosmetic outcomes (smile makeovers) for their patients. Unfortunately... many dental practices only offer a single type of porcelain veneer.

It is important to know that although different types and brands of porcelain veneers can achieve a variety of cosmetic goals for patients.... there is no single veneer product that provides the best of everything.

Porcelain Veneer Best Treatment Tetracycline Damage

Extreme Makeover Types

The popular veneer products, including DaVinci and Empress, are outstanding products that can mimic natural tooth colors, shading and opalescence to an astounding degree.

As these adjacent before and after pictures from our Photo Gallery indicate... quality porcelain veneers that successfully block unwanted translucency and add opalescence qualities are the procedure of choice for severe tetracycline stain damage.

Feldspathic porcelain is virtually unsurpassed in replacing, rehabilitating or repairing damaged or deteriorated tooth enamel.

Premium veneer products also provide the ability for some dentists to correct tooth rotations and solve certain bite and occlusion issues.

The common problems of gaps between teeth (diastema), surface fissures (cracks), chipped teeth, chipped incisal (biting) edges, minor differences in tooth shape and size can be successfully treated with standard veneers.

Minimally Invasive Low Prep - No Prep Veneers

Other brands of veneers, such as Lumineers by Cerinate, provides a makeover experience that requires little or no tooth preparation.

A Rembrandt product, the veneer material is ultra thin and very functional. An ideal treatment choice for patients who may have either compromised tooth enamel or sensitive teeth.

The Lumineer product line is a popular choice of our patients who seek minimally invasive treatment alternatives that follow the precepts of conservative, holistic dentistry.

There are still other brands and types of porcelain bonding laminates that are more easily affordable than other more nationally known brands.

Low preparation Lumineers by Cerinate Baltimore veneer Depending on what a patient's particular goal is... the selection of which veneer product to use can be a critical element in acheiving long term satisfaction with the cosmetic result... and of course, endurance.

Veneers that mimic natural tooth appearance and shading understandably require a thicker veneer structure... thereby requiring more invasive treatment of the tooth to accommodate the veneer. Veneers that are micro-thin are ideal for preserving tooth structure... but don't offer the shading qualities of thicker veneers, appearing somewhat opaque.

No prep Cerinate lumineer Baltimore Other veneer properties sought by makeover patients is the ability to fill in gaps between teeth, alter the size and shape of anterior teeth and in some cases... help rotated teeth or unusual biting surfaces appear more normal.

Although the skillful application of premium porcelain veneers can endure for up to 10 or more years... reports of veneers failing, cracking, popping off and turning gray within a few short weeks are not uncommon.

In most cases... veneer failures are due to the skill of the dentist and the quality of the tooth preparation.

Rule of Golden Proportions

As taught by the renowned Las Vegas Institute, porcelain laminates (crowns also) can create new smile lines that match and even exceed what Mother Nature provides. Perfect shaping, symmetry and sizing relationships can be created for youthful, mature, feminine and masculine smiles.

Precision veneer fabrication coupled with gum reshaping and contouring (gingiva alteration) by an experienced and talented veneer specialist enables our patients to have a picture perfect smile.

Best Veneer Benefits

How well a patient benefits from the use of veneers is determined by the existing tooth structure and oral health habits of each person. Our doctors offer a range of veneer treatments and products (Davinci, Cerinate Lumineers, Empress, etc) that can achieve practically any celebrity, hollywood style effect desired.... or produce a change in orthodontic function and appearance to that can straighten almost any smile (instant orthodontics).

As with any investment in maintaining optimal dental health.... get the objective information you need for making an informed decision.

Contact Dr. Leventhal and his staff today at (410) 256-7300 to arrange a consult to learn more about dental veneer properties to determine the choices and treatments available that will produce the desired result and long term endurance you are seeking.

Specific or more technical questions about choices in veneer technologies can be sent directly to Dr. Leventhal via our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Leventhal will reply to you directly with the information you are seeking.

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